House demolition is a military tactic that has been used for many purposes in many conflicts
throughout history. It is often used to wipe out enemy infrastructure and food supply or to
completely destroy enemy economy and ability to fight. Sometimes it is used as a last resort for
large enemy troop numbers, especially when the city is starving or without water. Here are some
of the most common reasons why a city may opt to demolish its buildings:

  • Raids. Normally, a raid is necessary because an enemy has taken control of a city. If this is the
    situation, the combat troops will use massive force in order to wipe out the entire area. Usually,
    they will execute a coordinated series of attacks that will include capturing the key targets,
    capturing the survivors, executing the massive destruction of infrastructure, and finally pushing
    back the defenders with superior numbers. This method is generally applied in smaller-scale
    conflicts where only a few hundred troops are involved.
    Before we can go through the steps of how to destroy a house using explosives, it is important
    to get necessary permits. To obtain the necessary permits, you must first request a written
    request from the local government. Professional specialists are often able to handle the actual
    destruction. If you wish to employ a professional in order to perform the job properly, it is
    necessary that you first verify the credentials of the said professional. You will not only ensure
    that your property has been cleared of all rubble but also that the job is completed to your
  • Demolition through Hiring a Professional: Sometimes, professional demolition firms may be
    hired to do the job right. A professional will typically arrive at your location either overnight or
    within a day and dismantle your house from top to bottom, including tearing off any walls or
    ceilings. After the demolition is complete, the professional will haul away all debris for proper
    recycling. Many people hire professional demolition companies to complete the job. This saves
    money. This will save your family the hassle of having to oversee the entire demolition process.
  • House Demolition by Pool Removal – Another popular way to take down a house is through the
    pool. If there is a lot of water in the structure, a pump will be needed to quickly remove it. This
    allows for fast removal of all debris. While this process requires fewer workers than house
    demolition by air, it is still an invasive way of getting your house demolished.
  • Israeli Demolition. The term “Israeli Demolition”, refers to any method of destroying buildings
    during a conflict. The most popular methods of destruction include bulldozers. The most
    common Israeli demolition equipment is bulldozers. There are also industries which specialize in
    the manufacturing and selling of demolition products. These are very important for keeping up
    with the explosive demands of the current situations.
  • Traditional mechanical demolition: This is the most commonly used method of destruction in
    today’s situation. In a traditional mechanical demolition, trucks are used to drag a building out of
    the property. It can be the building itself or the entire building. The building is lifted from its site
    using large cranes or heavy construction equipment.
    International law mandates the use of utmost caution during combat. Although the Israel
    Defense Forces follows international law to destroy any targeted vehicle or building, it has yet to
    follow through when it comes to using demolition tactics. So far, there have been no reports of
    any car bomb blasts from Islamic terrorists being intentionally targeted using this tactic. If a car
    bomb explodes in the occupied territory of an Israel Defense Forces’ forces, and they have no
    way to stop the car, they could lose all they have, including the enemy fighter jets that may be
    scrambled to shoot at the target.